tyr idlevotes
ubasti queue

if anyone would happen by this page somehow take heed, the files are here for easy access, they by no means surefire tell who the winners are since sometimes i generate while modifying the code, those are only valid once posted on the relevant accounts, thank you
as for the rest, if i put up tools like some of the shell scripts i have, accessible through a browsers/php, they will be password protected and accessible only to me and maybe people who i gave a password to, this celeronpowered server can do a whole lot on linux mint/lamp but it cant handle zound requests at once ... let alone cpu time of 50 people trying to calculate their vote worth curling all across the planet lol ... IF and WHEN i get enough from steemit to pay for a little account with combell again, that might change however, but no matter what, i doubt i'll ever go for steemit witness so don't start wrecking me now, this will be my only source of income since they're gonna force it that way and from the looks of it it wont be income for a while at all see you @rudyardcatling