what's that scratching noise outside my window , is this creepypasta ?
mmmh ... so much luxury when those people are in belgium but
gardeners certainly do work at ungodly hours omg
ttyl at midnight
        i know you STILL think my "cant live by daylight" is some sort of act , and people try to push me into it despite the fact that it visually wrecks my physical constitution, but it is NOT, not even if its b/c of a greater cause like paid gardeners (YAY FOR PAID GARDENERS, I SO NEED FUCKING MONEY SO I CAN PAY SOMEONE FOR EVERYTHING I HATE DOING MYSELF AND INCREASE DOING WHAT I DO LIKE TWENTY FOLD) ... if i can do it at night.
        from midnight till noon, ideally
that's the reality , that IS the REALITY, precious, yes, even if this means all those hedges don't need doing , then i STILL don't "act" that i aint worth shit by daylight
and the answer is NOT "masjen bij Lorraine" met de nacht, i do presume my talents lie elsewhere and incessant pushing and meddling has made it so that i can
work by myself
even if all places are alike to me
heh, gaming i guess ... to prevent slouching non-interactively
until tonight ...
OFFLINE, in case some microsoft scriptkiddie feels like wrecking my savegame again
well i wont
function in YOUR world YOUR way , EVER again ...
read the fucking stars, bitch