like i said no more log keeping but i havent altered the code yet it's still gonna save here on rotation
i'll get to it
when i feel like it
10/17/2017 12:38:31 am
why don't you just cheat on timeclickers ?

"cos i don't write autobots and i'm not a decepticon either ... to me it proves more that i can resist than i would get from using an editor or someone elses savegame
i don't expect you to understand, if you think that makes me jesus or buddha in the same garden and desert (ever seen the similarity ? cos who was first, righ t? good thing copyright didnt exist back then)
i don't expect you to understand it's not about temptation, id fuck your little sister in an instant if she came up and pulled my pants down
its about what it is to me
thats what it is, fun does not exist here anwyway, my 0-day i finished faster than you days are 20 years or older
it gets me nothing

10/16/2017 10:53:52 pm
well i think that's pointless, precious

"see, i will always be me ..
it's inevitable that i clash with these nazi fucks ... o how would you call them ?
"guiding members" ? ... yea goebbels was one too, ché guevara too i hear, hitler and castro if you like, its not about the wingnut side
it's about telling what to say , how to say it, how it's done and how it's don't
that's all nazi fucks too me, like a white bling blip is just as much a nigger as a black one making black people look like niggers ... you gay fucking FAG lol
jeezes man ... moderation is for assholes ... it stinks more of extortion overthere ... walk the walk and bow to the whale "or else", i already live in a police state man ... i guess two weeks from now that will make the account pointless except for hunting ideas
watch me not give a shit, actually DONT im pretty spooky about my privacy

10/16/2017 09:05:22 pm
can you believe that microshyte ?

"i get an account this afternoon ... i can already not remember my password ... i'm still logged in on one pc ... i add a phone number (the same one i used on creation btw) ...
i get no option to sms to reset ... i cant change my password, i havent sent one mail and im already locked out

10/16/2017 05:13:45 pm
means maybe 7 aint enough depending on the moodswings

"yea i hear ...
having change of heart of being able to boil and egg without setting the water on fire is gay
i hurrrrd i hurrdd .. REAL MEN ! good fighter ! masjen ! voebal .. i know i know i know
i did not get BANNED, i got kicked from skype for no reasons given by microfags
thats a different story, some biach set me up clearly, i had "suspicious activity for a few weeks before that ... and out the door 100+ contacts went"
no no no ... losing google and more came down to hellgium stabbing me in the back again
requiring phone numbers to be registered AGAIN (cos it already was the year before) and lyca sending me an sms on one number only AND the nightshop where i spent good money charing me €5 to register (which ofcourse didnt happen)
so it wasnt registered in time and i couldnt login anymore (i dont remember passwords, i rely on 2faq) i couldnt give you my password in my sleep
HENCE ... and thus ...
google said "i couldnt provide enough info and they couldnt help me cos they are SO concerned about my privacy"


so those 2600 youtube vids with a lot of me in it couldnt be like prove that i was me and it was mine ... on top of that another hotmail account (yea i kept them separate just in case) got the same treatment , SO CONCERNED ABOUT MY PRIVACY by microfags (LOL) ... i had like 3 years of online invoices stored in there, i used the account for password recovery ... but b/c my privacy and shit ... they wouldnt let me back in ... LOL OL OL , so i was like
ok, no more cloud storage for me ... i'll use it for easy access but i'll never rely on it since
the cloudflare fucker proved that too
if someone wakes up in a bad mood all your data belongs to them
debunking the myth of safety in the cloud