Words to the Wise
Well, old man,
when the japanese say ossan it stil holds -san,
not just old but if you have a problem with my style
you should answer me in my language cos yours not mine,
see how far you get

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12/13/2017 09:37:29 am
well, these people can't be trusted

"they ruined this life once already ... then made it worse in the name of that is how its done and what is good for me
they can't be trusted with their own lives
let alone with mine

12/13/2017 05:58:10 am
i know you and you and you are always watching this so read

"there's two loose dogs running around. Labrador and a Jack Russell ... non aggressive, clearly used to having contact with humans and not being beaten, they just followed me right away
ofcourse, being temple of the cat and you having bred dogs for 15k years to be sapient friendly
google youtube kipling cat that walked by himself russian
i cant do anything with that ... but you and you, its more or less your job and about the most exciting thing you get to do here in a year and you and you, maybe its one of your dogs, and you ... you wanna get them before they get run over
there ... now fuck off, its almost new year, another year of life lost to hickville, gravelpits, flanders, i do nothing but rebooting pcs lately and i see no way out for this year so


12/13/2017 03:47:39 am
i dont get to much of anything but rebooting anymore in the house of sabotage aka house rose white

"i spent about half the night pushing the pins back into place on my vocore, which mysteriously dislodged itself by lying on the shelf. My windows-pc keeps re-booting for no reasons given, "the microshyte way" ... but only when its running windows
i get nowhere and there's nothing here for me, my life is in stasis since the day you/they stuck me back here. I got no more fucks to give, fun does not exist, there will be no love here, i got one cat left ... suicide is not my style. DO you have my money bitch ? every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here so i can leave and never come back. Cos if you don't theres nothing to discuss
bitch ... your hickville, your flanders, your belgium your europe, your police state your nazis your faggots your hippies your dykes and especially your little nigger and the youtube gangsters
FUCK YOU ALL, steer clear of me on dark nights when you're alone if you're one of the aforementioned, my life's already dead anyway as long as im stuck here

12/12/2017 04:15:21 am
if i forget to tell you to fuck off and whatever you push wont change anything

"it means i was busy, its not cos i didnt say it i dont mean it twice as hard.
absence of was does not mean peace.
i can not have a life here, i can not be me here, there will be no friends no life no love, you ruined my fucking life i will forever hold a grudge and get back for revenge if i ever get the slightest chance of getting away with it
you can suck my fucking dick, as long as im stuck here my life's already over, whatever you push makes it worse

12/11/2017 04:52:20 am
no money means "no money", it doesnt mean like you would say "i have no money", driving around in that car owned by the bank living in a house owned by the bank

"i have a train ticket there, and a train ticket back, if im lucky i can get breakfast before i take the train home
home is where my cat lives ... so dont bother, cute ducklings ... little nigger-bands ... refugee robbery, all i got is my life, so unles you want my shoes find someone else or put yours up
yea, see you there in a few weeks, i doubt i'll make much conversation, endyear is a very dark time for me, it means another year of life lost in hickville, gravelpits, hellgium
(o, and fuck you bitch, yea you and you .. and you, and you, and ... you know who you are)

12/10/2017 06:13:16 pm
after reading something about the daily stormer and the controversy something came to mind

"that "youth movement" where i spent ten years of my life in ... (and thats not to do with when i'm saying "you owe me a decade of life" although they shoulda kicked me out a bit sooner , i coulda spent more time on the computer and / or with the girls ... i got kicked out for kissing my girl while wearing uniform actually but ofcourse that was just the necessary reason, it was a long time coming, my mindset has never been very compatible with onesided fanatics ...
so you have the daily stormer and the kids from 16 or older (the males) are called guess what "stormers" so im starting to think it must have been a wehrmacht thing or something ... never looked it up really, i could care less, you can check it out, they still exist but they dont make noise
like blood and honour came from the former vmo thats a given and officially is disbanded ... officially lol
well ofcourse they're not military and certainly not training kids in military structure and wargames while yours is playing nintendo or baby jesus school on sunday although i must admit the games were fun where the propaganda was not ... i dont believe in culture of a place thats not even a few thousand years old
it just came to me ...
the name - comparison there ...
the values i can tell you are QUITE
the songs that were sung about how Ericcson would lead us into battle were QUITE, let nobody fool you there
its CLEARLY baked from the remnants of verdinaso and the likes (but who knows that much belgian history huh ?)
i hold them no ill will, most of them probably end up in the popo or the army since after ten or fifteen years of that its all you know ... i personally knew several who joined the red berets, signed up multiple times even, few who ended up in popo (luckily where i dont live LAWL)
BUT TO SAY i agree with whatever, I DONT
but im a free speech extremist, remember ?
i personally think there is NOTHING to be proud about a country that celebrates ONE single victory in all history as a feat and its nationaly holiday while it was simply due to classical sun tzu ... overconfidence of nobility / heavy cavalry that "those peasants" would be just run over ...
turned out the peasants were on home-ground lol
so the heavy cavalry ended up charging right into a marsh
a GREAT tactic i must say, totally admit it im a massive fan of sun tzu warfare
but , you know, the french came back later and whooped everyones ass ...
that part is not celebrated
not even mentioned
so its all a lie, but which history taught in schools is not
they shoulda kicked me out when i was 12 or something, i coulda spent my time much better on sundays with my computer like a little zuckerberg tockling away (not that zuckerbergs are possible in belgium but if you know the story you might get the metaphor)
SO FUCK YOU FLANDERS (but fuck you zuckerberg , neither of them has done anything for me)
i stand alone, and i will have no friends until i'm in a place where i choose to be, if its not too late to make friends or enjoy life by then
m hm .. well, you learn "values" there ... a lot of with which i can get down ... the norms however ... slash/*cou*gh*
VER-DI-NA-SO ... well you have google right, thats close to the root theres probably something before that, a bit closer to the war itself ... it IS rooted in collaboration, whoever denies that is a fool or believes their own propaganda ... i dont judge that, people were surviving, a place that has been under occupation for 2000 years aby about everyone, including the germans more than once LOL, people survive, its not about that, its about denial, i cant have that
the name ver-di-na-so ? the first two might be hard to get ver equals utd (united) DI is not deutschland its a different conglomerate but its parallel with the norms there
the NA - SO however, should be clear, after all the na - zis were the so- zis FIRST ... not even your neo nazi would tell you that since socialism is opposed while actually it was the actual combination of the two that made them NA(tional)soZIalismus, its ALL on google, just like the fact that the americans came up with eugenics FIRST .. you just have to dig beyond the first five pages of ads and SEO shyte
but i didnt get that from google LOL, i got most of that firsthand, but as if it was a GOOD thing ... which it might have been at the time but
as a lot of people seem to forget ... che guevara is DEAD , the great liberator Khadaffi ... well, as seen on tv and the NAZIS ? they LOST the war
WELL then i think you have spent too much time in school, school is good for reading, mathematics, exact science , but when it comes to pliable things, ... philosophy is debatable since that would require open mind to start with but HISTORY FROM SCHOOLBOOKS? i'd make like my name is paracelsus and buddha at once and burn that shyte
nuff said, i had a very crappy week, i spent most of it re-booting and re-installing windows pcs which for some reason kept removing exactly the files that made exactly the stuff im working on no longer start up
at the exact moment when it made the savefile corrupt
ALL WEEK .... PLUS my vpn is acting like a broken on-off switch and torguard really doesnt have that habit so i can only think of either the flemish popo-state, the cr+Hackers on meth or the bought friends of rich @miti cos IF THIS IS TESTING ME , YOU MOTHERFUCKER, PRAY I NEVER GET TO KNOW YOUR NAME, i have a very allergic reaction to being tested and i already told you, i hold a grudge like a fucking japanese ghost

12/10/2017 03:06:12 pm
sunday , snood plan van drukkerland

"the answer is : "fuck you bitch"... anything you say or threaten with, the answer is "fuck you bitch", my life's already ruined, if it doesnt get me the money you owe me AND to Asia with my cat its not worth the effort, there will be no love or life here, EVER
i feel like i'm going to spend all afternoon rebooting windows pcs again .. for some reason while offline i can't boot up rpg maker , i dont even get audio, about zero programs will start up
FUCK YOU BITCH ... on top of that you woke me up three hours early, i slept at NINE, which is a bit late for me but still on schedule, so far i have been rebooting windows pcs and i will until it does what i need it to do ... and thats it for sunday so
i dont give a shit, its TOO LATE, i cant care anymore

article title
CATched my eye
09/11/2017 02:12:56 am
the hall of shame
what WE've been reading
07/15/2017 15:05:35 am

Astrophysics for people in a hurry

20171002 08:40 am
and there you go again , right ... the four most common elements happen to be
its like if there's an infinite number of timelines then everything WILL exist
the chance that you get 1 infinity of exactly the same is exactly the same as you get the chance that you get one infinity of slightly different every time
the chance
is EXACTLY the same
and you KNOW it
you smartass motherfuckers suffer from wishful thinking
not from too much sci-fi, one can never have read enough decent sci-fi
van-voght level sci fi
but you motherfuckers?
kaku and all that ?
NOTHING in the whole wide world of multiversial mathematics says that because its infinite it will have variable instances
nothing says that ANYWHERE
are you challenging the facts ?
i know it sounds better
an infinite number of this would be the ultimate divine joke
but nowhere in anything AT ALL it says infinite options means infinite variations , infinite exact the same is just as probable, and YOU KNOW IT
you roll a fucking die, there is zero reason why the number 6 and 1 are valued more in games

20171002 08:28 am
as much as i love physics and especially quantum mechanics , the new magic as the undiscovered country, where everything is possible until proven
just as much i hate hippiecrites and dustballs
see 40 billion potential earthlike planets in "the observable universe" that makes baby jesus cry, he just made his daddy die for crimes against the universal common sense
now you tell me there's 40 billion more potentially infested which even you can see or think of ?
i think thats scary ... a universe of locust humans
i think thats very scary
very .... very very very
very scary

20171002 08:22 am
well, not the numbers guy told you, but that wont stop me okay, i know an earth with tennex size, tennex iron core would have tennex traction so you better stay anorexic there
but thats not what i mean by factor, its complex, its a complex mess for numbers guys to find out
i mean mass is not size
its not yo momma right
in her case size is totally massive i know that
in case of planets size is not
so factors might scale not simply on sight
do they ? looking for "earth-like"
and shit
yea i know ... CRANK
now go have a nightmare and bite your nails
if i were an alien i wouldnt WANT to discover you

20171002 08:17 am
for lack of simple math abilities i clearly had not too long ago
i dont believe in earth-like exoplanets
i believe in scalable factors
factors, similar conditions under different factors
like a subculture to a mainstream
having all the same traits, they're only like, projected differently
same thing for a sun ten times the size and a planet ten times the size
wouldnt be detected as potential life harbour, right ? not for life as we know it, but if the factor is exact and the scale is right, why not ? as far as i know physics comes down to what the numbers guy can calculate
so if its all multiplied or divided by ten e is still mc²
no ?
am i wrong (again, like last time when i wasnt but i simply had no paper proof so it couldnt be ?)
i'll not go into "alien" life then
homocentrist basterds

20171002 07:49 am
i have lost all ability to think , i can visualize causality from the big bang but i cant find a simple equation to get a four-step displacement algorithm for a picture on canvas
in short : no tea-time if you want to observe far away shit ... it clogs the vision, water is bad
invest in alcohol however
i doubt that will make it better
20171002 04:51 am
wow, i actually have a hard time even getting through audiobooks lately, i'm either braindamaged or something here in the water or the food is keeping me on a mental flatline
that professor there suffering from what i call "homo-centrism" without the dash actually ... (but everytime i use it i get the gay rights movement trying to burn down my house cos they're too stupid and too stuck up)
that's latin for human you dyke
don't be such a fucking sexist fascist
educate yourself outside of your subculture instead, but what i was saying euhm...
yea, homocentrism is quite commonplace, even among erudites, mostly among dustball department class erudites ... you know the type who speaks in quotes as if they're a tv-preacher, all he said she said and thus on the day of ble he sayeth the -ism of blah
you know the type, right ? no vision, no imagination, WAY too much time in school , lives in a book, no visualization ..
homocentrics ... despite galileo proving the sun does not revolve around they momma's ass
however i detect some other bias there, "assumptions" on the alien mindset ... call your local linguist and have him explain what alien means, it means its unsafe to "assume" anything about it, what you do is wishful thinking and projection
you have no clue how the alien mind would reason if they were looking or not
also, humans found their place in the universe, i know you dont take it like that but for those who do : that assumes you know the relative vector to the singularity (in this case the exact origin, the one dot where the big bang banged) to where you are
which, to the best of my knowledge
nobody does, it would be awfully nice but i think getting as far as the center of this galaxy is about the best locational tool, which relative to the whole universe means being LOST as to where we are ... all we know is we're in a bit of the galaxy that makes it unlikely to encounter, statistically, ask your local Sagan
now the doctor professor here will know that, so i will assume, since he's not an alien, that he used a somewhat misleading terminology with no ill intent there
but on knowing what aliens "most certainly would do" i have to disagree
you can always crank me, discredit me for having no degrees and a criminal record when you feel threatened, thats okay, but i know you'll lose sleep over it if you do that lol
myeah ;) great book btw, all rights to educate myself reserved i'm sorry for that, you can blame whoever put me here and left me stuck in a cage with bars made of no money
i'll put it on my to have list for when i get out of hellgium
somewhere close to 'cosmos'
20170928 18:23 pm the pm is obsolete there yes, so ?
o its national or global rabies day btw, did you get your shot ?
i got a few more comments there lePelouse ... you know i just put it on repeat since i can't focus since i'm back in this place and gradually whatever i didnt get seeps through, and after that the words ?
so ...
i think you have a problem with perception there :
why is a problem to a child not a real problem ?
perception is reality
the problem to the child is VERY real even if it exist only in its world, if it does not learn to solve it, it does not gain the skills for the set
in short q.e.d. cos i'm not in the mood
so it's you lacking perspective and perception there on that particular opinion
that hypothetical childs hypothetical problem is VERY real indeed, sir
not going into the hypothetical matter that doesnt interact with photons ... at all
i'd say its quite funny that we are not made of stars but laughing gas more or less, compressed under self-righteousness
no wonder the world is that funny
well i like your style, it wouldnt be here after all that time if i didnt get past the first chapter
not just the style ofcourse, i think like Sagans cosmos (although maybe not exactly THAT level of epic, it would benefit humanity if it were to be turned into a tv series for the mythbusters crowd and inbreeds who have no choice but to wurm themselves through a school system until they get a piece of paper to define who they are since they have no clue
pardon my sarcasm ... it's sarcasm, yes, ... but i'm not a bottle of wine, it won't get better with age
Einstein WAS a badass ... literally, as anti-establishment as it comes, adultery, fucking his niece, begging his wife to divorce him with money he didnt have yet, like the gangster of physics avant la lettre, in a time where going against the grain was absolute intellectual career suicide
unless you were THE SHIT
i'm not the numbers guy but on my wall of fame he's next to escobar, paracelsus, galileo ... tesla ... others ... you know Newton has never been on my wall despite being the most influential , statistically
i think newton, the most mentally deranged of all perhaps is still just a petri dish for the other freaks
but so were those before him
i totally agree, on K-pax, astrophysics is kindergarten mandatory after all, kids under four learn how many times faster ? its a reverse exponential curve if you were to look at it (basic k-paxian knowledge, told you i'm full of references to the point half the time no one knows what im talking about ... but you might have seen THAT movie at least ?) a child learns like at FTL at birth , the first years are amazing and the suddenly the curve goes steep, downward ... exponentially slowing down the intake ? no not the intake
the interpretation / understanding of the intake
yea-hea, ... einsteins god might not play dice, sometimes i simply takes the oldes coin in the house i can find and leave it to that
just like that, for no reason
just sometimes
alexander the great conquered the known world by 25 by doing that
julius too ... maybe a bit older, but still
chicken entrails, coins ...
the gods among men surely played a lot of dice ... i would mainly use it when i felt forced ... would ... not do
its been a while, theres nothing here really but existing 20170918-02:33am
well i almost got my stuff downstairs, lost a WHOLE month, time slows down over time in hell, its dantes freezing (you dont have that principle in physics yet ? well i do have my own names for laws that apply across the metaverse). I just noticed something i noticed a few times before and the best part : i can say whatever i want especially cos im a crank
the "no you can't" part
einstein NEVER said its impossible to go faster than light, he SAID you need an infinite amount of energy to propell any MASS at the speed of light, am i correct or is my crank ass euh, correct?
right, so, time machines ... pardon my crank ass, laws of causality and all that, thou shalt not take to the heavens either, which makes sense living in the backyard of the galaxy, more like the trailer park at the back of the desert beyond the backyard of the galaxy, makes sense that we dont meet aliens and makes sense we'll "never make it back" if von danichens gods really implanted base knowledge from the ancient south americans and hindus (mucho similarity over the pangaea who KNOWS, who really KNOWS when mouth to mouth started ? signs to signs ...)
if you go across dimensions , which MAYBE is what you need to do to travel time instead of space (who KNOWS ? anyone gonna crank my ass cos they KNOW?) if you go across dimensions , you can call them timelines if that makes you feel better , there is A) no reason any timeline should be different from this one (its just a possibility you WANT thinking about the possibility of infinite universes, but nothings says it HAS to differ, it might be an infinite number of 'this')
in which case causality up yo momma's ass dictates :
thats right ... nothing, you slip to the next timeline b/c this one is one way traffic, piercing the dimension as you go back in time (going forward seems to not be a problem except that time itself might not really exist as such, as far as can be observed from what i know the only thing that EXIST is the now ... BUT lets stay in gedanken :-)
you pierce the veil and travel back, you end up on another timeline, you can kill yo momma as much as you want
does anyone think i'm wrong there cos they KNOW, cos i have no intention of giving a Ted talk, just my opinion and if you talk back i'll clap back that you're stuck in your books and raise paracelsus to wipe your ass
cocky huh ? you think ? you KNOW i'm wrong or you just can't stand that i make perfect sense in theoretical gedanken ?
hm ?
time and date as posted hm well, i need a script to automate the adds here yes but who gives a shit, less and less really with every day i'm stuck in hellgium
well, i cant just stay on the same topic, right, im not a dustball, before you know it i try sounding smart by saying he said she said there and there and that makes me the bestest parrot in the world
the quark and the parrots maybe i could write a book too there (no offense mister M., you know thats not what i meant i dont consider you a dustball at all, multitopic person et al)
that said the first interesting that stuck while i was sitting waiting yesterday :
your god makes mistakes :p it's fallible ... the imbalance between matter and antimatter fucked up the whole let there be light cool oneliner so he was left with overs, which lead to you
sapients ... no wonder its flawed

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