06/21/2017 02:53:22 pm
wellwellwell, second ddos today, im gonna have to restrict the number of connections or something do i ?
so lame man ... you cant handle it you block someone from speaking ... LAME
speaking of which i found some mails from the dustball department in a mailbox where i didnt receive their newsletter
so whats up with the DDOssing, i have been saying i hate this place for years daily, and suddenly it has to be censored?
but wait, here's the mails from the dustball department of the ministry of -isms, as usual my opinions are often unwanted ... SO , all the more reason to wipe my ass with your degree, parrot. In order of appearance ... a gay fuck is you , the site has been labelled, dusty old hippiecrites hiding in a comfort zone unable to let anyone in. It feels about the same as when you would walk into one of the local barnazi bars here. All the heads would turn around like "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" you dont dress like us ... very similar, VERY ... similar
yes ofcourse, i quickly photoshopped that up into a png file, all five of them, you know, precious,
i am no Einstein and i never claimed to be though formals and normals often mistake my using his name as such, same thing as when i say something buddha would have said, it doesnt make me him or an -ist, but they seem to think so, i think its a defense mechanism cos i dont fit in
ever since i was that kid standing against the wall at school during breaks, watching others show me yours, kick the can and cops and firemen, dreaming into distant places, stars in encyclopedia, reading beFORE school i think helped quite some to make me above average (which is what i consider myself to be) since my intake started sooner and UNDERSTANDING, not simply KNOWING is an exponential process. You can recite the whole fucking oxford library, if you dont get one iota you will never get the second, from there you wont get the next four linked to it
my aversion to authority and uniform got drilled in by the fact that they tried to drill it in (the other way) some brains just dont go down that way im afraid
ever since, reading on heretics ... galileo, paracelsus ... people who made something out of nothing into unbelievable .. pablo escobar (morals not included) all kinds, travelling to distant worlds created by people with a vast imagination, vance, zelazny, van voght (WHO THE FUCK is asimov? asimov is agatha fucking christie with robots)
ever since
i have always been
the cat that walked alone

well as one might notice the reaction went as expected. Its called american free speech. I get this all the time. In western democracy a school actually serves one purpose : to teach how one talks and walks like others so as not to fall out of line. It would upset the order.
could you stop the ddossing i dont see the point i hardly get 20 visitors a day, or maybe since this last post does not say how much i HATE this fucking place and i only have 11 euros left meaning i WOULD be outside if i had money, JUST NOT HERE ... too inconvenient huh ? WHERES MY FUCKING FLASHDRIVE BTW its been 25 days
*breathe in*
yes well ... even today if i sometimes take the time to try to explain i still get the reaction why how is that possible if you didnt finish hischool, you cant do that, you have to do it in the right order, preschool schoolschool hischool college ...
im no einstein it was social work which i was gonna combine with personal small IT biz cos its all i do at home unless i have a girlfriend in which case i try to divide my time between sitting on top of my computer or trying to get on top of her.
all it needed was a reference by soemone who talked to me and an entrance exam ... but for some reason it seems like it was not allowed even at the last steps months away from graduation ... same thing with the university psychology degree.
the human psyche has always interested me (since im abnormal for one, which only implies good or bad if normals use the word btw), so ... it sounds preposterous and obnoxious (but im generation x right i can be obnoxious all i want) the human psyche is not that hard for the big chunk, simply BECAUSE they are normal, which is not a moral thing but a statistical thing, you are middle of the bell-curve normal BECAUSE you adhere to the same patterns, that goes for most of the dustball department at the ministry of -isms too, that cloud of smug can hide that from me i see through it. you are NORMAL, it makes you predictable in ways you dont like, you dont want that, you certainly dont want people to tell you that
one of the easiest triggers to prove it is "O , you mean you're abnormal?" for instance
behavioural patterns and standard conditioning is what makes normals normal and easy to read , theres no witchcraft to it.
nonetheless having received the money for the introductory course from my lawyer who believed in me and all set to go, accepted and what not
so you think thats new, yea ?
well i'm no einstein, im not the numbers guy, AT ALL
i'm above average but if i HAD idols hes one of them
not you, dustball, not you
whats more important ? the number you can recite linked to the exact point in spacetime or the few that gained you insight to levels you never thought existed ?
i know whats important to you, cos you're normal, you talk the talk, you walk the walk
and that is how its done
yes i know ... thats what schools are for (most of them anyway) no im not going back ever, you lost the last chance for that fucking up my psychology degree
much thanks
my first reaction before i found the mails in a box where i dont look for anything that mails me letters:
i think they banned me despite my EXPLICIT request to give me notice and time to back up my stuff, my guess is i used the word "fuck" and the word "gay" in one post despite explaining the versatility and the south park sense, but what do you expect, like satellius they are american fascist fucks, for no reason given, the account seems to be gone i sent a mail to support, see what it is but i think it is what it is, american fascism and censorship, the reason why i quit liking americans is not Trump, at least he says stupid shit any way he likes to say it and HEY, HES PRESIDENT DUDE, YOURE NOT ... lets see what they have to say then, im actually BEING pushed underground arent i?
well you know how they do it, right? all "first amendment" and shit and thats why we the lobbies of the free world so YOU are FREE to say what we think as long as you speak how we speak since if you dont we dont understand since we are bookwise hippiecrites stuck in the 60s, still hung on milgram and stanford and Edison was an inventor. So say what you want while we censor you in the name of correctness and then blame it on the koreans.
yea i really like dont like those people anymore, so thats why i EXPLICITLY asked to be given the chance to backup since in the middle of dusty intellectuals its bound to happen. You are not allowed to talk since you were not paid for by daddy. And lets not forget to end every sentence with -ism. DUDE, LAAAAAMMMMMEEEE
funny thing is ... it happened just after a reply to an "article" on some scientist whos "article" got rejected, scorned or censored because a theory on creation 'might offend religious people' ... so my guess is one or more -ism - ists with lots of paidforbydaddy on the wall got offended cos i didnt read THEIR books but a lot more than that and i dont have paidforbydaddy on my wall. I DONT WANT the account re-instated supportguy, i want a copy of my posts to backup. Its typical of you americants to just whack it without giving any means of defense or even who attacked me. I will not, cos that would lead to the same since i wont 'adjust' my way of speaking since i dont talk like YOU since i am ME, up yo mommas filosofer arse
its ULTRA-lame and exactly the reaction i was expecting and thats EXACTLY why i stated CLEARLY that id like to be noticed and given time to backup 'if that were to happen since some people are blinded by fourletterwords even if they're used as verbs, nouns, expression and whatnot in one sentence. So, if four letters blind you, its no miracle that you cant read much while understanding anything at all, is it. I guess your religion got offended, can i have my posts back please? american narcist scum ?
yea just my posts back, i know its hard to admit that you might be embarrassed but theres not much i can do against edisonians and microfascist gay bastards since well its not america i cant like "sue you to give me back my intellectual property which i WROTE", right ? in the name of the holy lobby, fuer gott und fatherland and trump has drones and shit
a gay fuck is you : the site has been labelled : pillar of hippiecrisie