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i can tell you whats in a name : the intention of its creator,
have you EVER wondered, EVER, ...
what Mars would look like 
if Einstein, Tesla and Turing grew up together since kindergarten?
then why do you tell me how to think?
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06/27/2017 02:07:15 pm
04:34 ...

wut, no meat AGAIN?

mh ... well you never know when the handouts are late or not so im sticking to carbs ... if i were working out id be growing like a beermuscle HAH .. instanoodles, nonono, thats too expensive ... cheap pasta and ill make the sauce myself

say wut ? 0_o ... hack into my google account ?
you know, i think ... no i'm 99% (never a 100 you know that) sure you saw too many movies, and the rest of your life you spent a few years with your nose in pre-scribed schoolbooks, learning way too much on one subject giving you the illusion you were born smart but you're actually as smart as a spreadsheet (lol, thought i was gonna say parrot, right? i dont wanna insult parrots anymore sorry) how do you suggest i go about that? hacking into my gmail thats protected by sms to a blocked simcard that wont receive anything but outgoing to lycamobile cs ?
maybe i could ... install a keylogger in case i enter my password or ... put a twinky on the wires outside, intercepting all packets and going Neo on my ass like O LOOK that looks like its a 256bit encrypted letter of a password right there, doesnt it ?
then hack into lycamobile to see if the sms arrives after i weed my way through all the files ?
or maybe i can bruteforce my way into it , its only a million combinations
if i can enter one code per five minutes on average without google blocking it for 24 hours after x times, thats only 5 million minutes , less if i get it right in the first 100.000 tries , right?
or i could apply for a job at google ... cleaning the dustbins then sneaking into the farm and installing my dingy there ... ofcourse
or just buy seven huge screens with green on black terminals on it, wave my magic wand while wearing hipster glasses et voila ... done
yah, too many movies, mate ...
i have the password and the number ... i jsut cant get the code can i ?
m hmmm... or des vijven moet men op en staan om den afwasch aan ten gaan?
i'll take my chances with orange or something whatever its called these days ... see how much that law is worth
if not then why the fuck would i need a new google account ? whats the point if i cant use it to get into the others ?
pf yea well, its not my area of expertise i never really looked into it much, most problems come from gaping holes ... yea anal errors overlooked ... afaik like for instance when teleslet was new you could just 'find computer' in windows , type someones ip you got from irc (vpns werent really fashionable) and irc was ... if it ends in telenet you would probably have telenet people in the room so, find computer enter ip, if they had any or all folders shared on their local network you could just browse everything
gaping holes and shit but ... that gmail thing ? two-fac ? i can see like for instance ... a guy walks into a bar after he already keylogged his good buddy who he has been following for some time and befriended and gets 5 minutes with the smartphone while the fucker is on the toilet, you could put your own as trusted device i suppose if you're faster than he takes a shit. But stealing sessions and all that ? i have no clue afaik that would require spoofing a device id and i dont think thats a standard function on unbroken androids so ... like i said its not my area but i did see the movies actually and most of them are more comic than cool.
well, if i were a security "expert" i WOULD be working from home telling people i wanna earn THIS much or else ... but im clearly not hahah (lol not)
what i am is tired, tired as in yawn, tired of the shit, tired of this place ... will i ever be able to feel things like fun or 'inlove' again ?
i sure hope so but its gonna take healing, and thats not possible here
03:51 ... almost 4 am huh, means you think you're gonna be allowed to wake me at 11 want des 12ven moet men al te petatten aan en gaan en shit
are you blocking me ? i get the impression you are ... did you suggest "tablet" ? that would be as retarded as telling me to get a drivers license or a car ... are you blocking me?
why ? i HAVE purpose ... i had purpose YEARS before you ruined my life and postponed it ... to move to asia with my cats by the time i turn 40 so ... i have purpose
why worry, besides, im not a monotheist ...
vlaams is for the 5 million my world is bigger, i dont see this illusion and i never have and i wonder how some come by it since they kicked me out when i was 17 and they should have done that years before that ... would have saved me a lot of shit. Given me a lot more computer or girlfriend sundays ... way better
i dont think i have much to say other than repeat myself until i get money for a prepaid card with a provider that transfers the number without hassle (or trying to sell me subscriptions or "free" tablets if i only subscribe for 5 years (the price of 20 tablets) ...
i have always been sick of this place ... since i was 15 ... its why i left here at 21 with nothing ... actually nothing no, we had a fridge (which her parents bought), two inflatable camping matresses ... a watercooker and a coffee thermos if i remember correctly that was about it (clothes ofcourse, a small radio cd player and cds...) ofcourse ...
i NEVER liked it here, i have NEVER fit in here ... but i have purpose, right, you just stole ten years of my life which i'll never get back ... thinking you could what? break me ? force me to like it here? make me "let it go" by sticking me in the middle of it? TEN YEARS OF MY LIFE I HAVE HAD NOTHING because of you, a little gratitude that i havent flipped on someones face even ONCE despite this place and all the bullshit ? no ? like asking me five euros for not ratting them out ... they fit right in now, they have "adapted" ... enjoy
euh no, proxistar is not an option so i will be forced to go to ratcity again (never good for my mood i cant get the stench of rats out of my nose for days after that)
for several reasons which are my own, the fact that they're belgian and that the chinese didnt need a hacksaw but went through it with a blunt knife as if it were butter on a hot summers day actually has nothing to do with that ... i got nothing to hide from the chinese ... frankly nothing at all since i just need that number as i need my doorkey here
i dont have friends and i wont, how many times have i said THAT, as long as im stuck here .. i dont wanna hear it, take that up with the people who did it ...
well thats the official story , right ... twas the chinese ... like twas the russians on trump ... why the fuck would the russians do that .. trump spoke in favour ... why would they imperil that by trying to push the election the other way on a leak?
like this place ... the only thing ... i do get the need for common enemy but its my sincere opinion the three greats need to stand ... not as one , but as one front against a few things, sovereignty (is that correct zebelleing?) is quite important , i understand and frankly, to get the balance tipped so one faction has all the power has never been a good idea for the past 10.000 years has it ?
thats why its most important none of the big three gets destabilized ... oh dont worry about europe ... like i said, thats perfectly capable of destabilizing itself ... and you wil have your common enemy ...
wont even have to blame it on the mexicans if these people get their way
which makes it more urgent for me to get out of here, but .. well, no but, my cat aint 4 years old anymore ... and i'm 44, which already makes me four years late ... years i'll never get back so ... when it comes to the people who put me here, my purpose might be underweight compared to
well, lets not go there
yet , concern now is : get number back ... it says "obliged by law" but ive seen law in action several times ... for one time for instance when i was paying off my debt to proxistar for MONTHS and they sent me a letter they sue me for the money ... which i had already an agreement on, then tell me im sorry we cant stop the process is already running (BULLSHIT) ... then the judge rules that i can simply continue paying (after the proxistar lawyer knowing absolutely nothing about the fact that i already was while im rubbing the papers in his face ...) and THEN
guess who got to pay for the courtcase cost ?
i'll give you two guesses, was it the guy who already had an agreement and had paid on time each month ? or the state-corp that sued him for money he was already paying?
what do you think, Lexington ? who got to pay ?
that's right
so eerst zien en dan geloven if i dont get that number back i suppose i can just stop looking around cos i lost all invoices and proof
i switched my steam account and the more important ones but the "administration" kept "safely in the cloud"
we'll have to see about that
yea thats what they did, and they did tell me "sorry we cant stop it" BULLLSHITTTTTT, flanders funny bullshit so NO, proxistar is not an option .. certainly has nothing to do with certain people working there who i never can trust in my life again
absolutely not, courtcase ... no ofcourse not (i actually had to pay about two or three times judiciary cost on top of what i still owed proxistar for already paying by agreement on time)
belgian law, it never failed to fuck me over
FUCK YOU GOOD .. 23:52 ... i found it in myself to clean some ...
i hate sitting in a messy place but i hate cleaning about just a TINY tidbit less, i love having money to make people who dont mind doing it happy by paying them for it, i dont need fame, fame lasts as long as the buddha so far, not as long as gilgamesh, but you gotta be quite something for that ... the runner up might be confucius i suppose or jesus maybe but most of the ones remembered in modern times would have gotten there by providing lots of sacrifices to the blood-god ... a universal symbol like any other
all was set, and i STILL cant find a reason why i would have failed if not for third party interference so if ANYONE is under the illusion still i will EVER let that go, please go and dis-illusion yourself or do yourself a favour and drive off a cliff .. your brood will be grateful for the money you leave them, maybe they do something with it instead of giving it to banks
i cant understand a hustle, i been on the streets, not born on the streets but i definitely BEEN on the streets ... i get the concept of greed although that always comes with collateral damage and over time never leads to creative strategy or creative use of resources .. i dare say im not since even when dealing dope i was the dude who gave full grams for less money 24/7, uncut from the man to my clients ...
now when it comes to legit business ... i can get down with off the books money if you pay your share, and thats not a moral thing cos most of it goes to government and bullshit, not to the needy but it has to be done, its the enforced legalist concept of what exist in moralism ... like whatever, im sure theres one in the ten commandments that says share the wealth and the muslims have whats it kalled ? "zekat" ? every time i go bigcity side i give one time to the first person who looks like a "serious" beggar ... not a religious thing since im not
off the books money is a GOOD thing, i strongly believe the onslaught against it has actually torn the economy downward here, only yesterday in rat-city i noticed, ALL the time i was there, ZERO police vans patrolling, like ZERO ... even at the station ... now when i lived there, you had one at least every fifteen minutes
what statisticians would call a correlation is that more than 50% of bars are CLOSED ... shops and theres a lot of residence empty so is this safety or does that mean its dead?
my money is on the latter
it IS a correlation, the reason why politicians like statistics but its actually a reverse one more like, theres no need to patrol since theres no life in the city anymore
not cos its safe cos they cleaned it
all that off the books money ... ALL that money got SPENT ... no one puts 10k or 100k in a bank when its not clean money, it gets SPENT, on expensive shit, sneakers, shiney, champagne, bring us a bottle ... eating steak dinner at seven in the morning, putting rims on your car ... small business (my kind of when i say small) uses it to pay extra hands , bakeries, bars, restaurants, you name it, that money's gone, the extra hands are gone, the extra hands dont have money to spend so the other stores get less in and thats the cycle with your onslaught on smalltime "black" money as its called here
and thats a fact, dont get legalist "cos its the law" on me, the dutch let mayor juana slide for decades despite the fact that its officially "gainst ze law" and afaics all mainstreets are littered with DUTCH chain stores, holland is not an anarchy
you see? but WHAT I DONT GET IS WHY THE FUCK YOU WOULD RIP OFF RECURRING CLIENTS ? is that cos you've been living in flanders too long ?
i dont need sorry, three times asking is too late for sorry, and sorry gets me nothing
i need that number up so i can login
so i'll have to find another way i guess
mh re-read, legalist-boy, i clearly speak about smalltime "black" money ... not shovelling billions overseas but who would be able to do that other than people like , euhm ..


maybe ?
yes you actually removed an entire circuit of the ACTUAL economy by doing that, a complete circuit of rolling money that gets earned and spent so you get your taxes ANYWAY, cos at some point in the cycle someone buys a danone shirt or a snickers shoe and that store pays ... and NOW (hah), no one buys the rims, so that store pays not on revenue it didnt get
your degreed ass fucked itself, you must have a mighty dick there to reach that farp
23:20 ... i think i almost slept 45 minutes there
well, accounts bound to id seem to be restored, once again, good thing i dont have to go there locally HUH ?
the others ? has anyone ever spoken to a google cs-rep ? its like for the love of life i can't find how to contact them on the biggest search engine in the world ...?!?
the rest? i was INSULTED ... i dont like ranting, i like my brain floating in thirdspace and the metaverse but this place has done nothing but keep in a puddle of shit. Insulted, .. over 5 euros ? well thats the problem isnt it ... shows again how fucking docile my fellow countrymen who like to bark at the bar are ... i keep saying my theory is since flanders / belgium is about the most overrun territory in history, over thousands of years its not just a cultural fenotype but an actual genetic selection of those who can bow and do it behind your back best. My theory sounds a bit eugenic but its not since i dont wanna create, its how things evolved and it makes total sense for a place that has been nowhere but under foreign rule for milennia. Those most able to adapt survive ... the man himself states the proof needed.
the shame button on "omg i wouldnt complain over 5 euros im not a pauper" also counts HEAVILY here, VERY , the dutch wouldnt stand for it im sure, they'd verbally rip the shopkeeper a new hole, but the flemish ... "OMG WHY WOULD I COMPLAIN OVER 5 EUROS" cos its 220 francs bitch, did you forget that? Yea its a cultural thing but over milennia and since i have been living here all my life, which shouldnt have been the case anymore for a few years by now but got fucked by you know the story if you have read anything i wrote in the past decade cos its quite the recurring issue, one of the things that keeps my braincycles occupied so i cant think straight, hence the problem lies not in the heart .. the problem lies in the place ... darkness CAN be cured by moving the heart from one place to another in this case
so ... i didnt take it cos i know very little shame, and i am fucking dirt poor (which i shouldnt and WOULDNT be if it wasnt for ... same story OVER AND OVER, it should be hard to have missed it by now)
so i guess all i can do is wait until i have physical euros in a belgian bank again, go to some store and then dodge the sales-attempts (no i dont want a subscription even if i get a BIG phone that makes people get a hard-on watching me swipe, i dont keep friends here, remember, why would i want a BIIIG phone, and i dont orgasm on "watch me swipe" either, im as abnormal as they come) ... i need a pre-paid card and i need my number transferred since lycamobile clearly wont help since they dont even have a list of "verified" distributors
which is their problem in the long run since i think they're giving away free money to people who put up the ads on the windows but actually dont do shit but violate the agreement by asking EXTRA money lycamobile doesnt get
no ISO-norms anymore hm?
so it comes down to "wait" ... i waited for ten years in this hellhole ... how long am i supposed to wait .. is this something like "but o i was 65?" ... SO ? i dont have houses and wives here, i would have been 40 and left
now i turn 44 ... its not making me happier as it draws near
if i cant get the number back will i sue ? cos "the law" says they HAVE to let me keep my number but I HATE laying down the law, its COMPLETELY against my principles since "the law" has also done nothing but fuck me over ... a list of verified lycamobile vendors who actually do what the agreement says would have been nice ... but they dont have it, the dude just kept saying i cant help you you have to go to the store, no you dont have to pay they cant ask that, but i cant help you, so after 15 minutes ... my patience was running in threat level
so here i am , wanking about a phone fucking number cos dustball stasiboy has a GREAT idea and the lycans dont have quality control ... NICE JOB, FLANDERS ... saves me the trouble of another place in this town where i'll never go again, i suppose thats a good thing since all i do there is buy beer
yes you did
so ... supposing i cant buy a prepaid simcard AND have my number transferred 18:31 ... i guess im not sleeping ... yet ... again
and so did tusar ... well its a good thing they dont require me to come to the UK to show my face locally isnt it ? the old "play hostage" with the id and current date photo trick still seems to do it, thanks you, arigatou and spazieba
now, those few thousand fotos .. pictures , few dozen documents and euh, about every invoice and stored important mail i have in the past years ... how do i get back in there?
thats gonna be "wait by the grace of nailpolish girl to try and sell you ten things you're not asking for just to get a new simcard and the number transferred" isnt it ?
well ... its not like i have monney, right, and i suppose getting the simcard online wont do me much good if i have to go locally to show my face ... does it now ... so why are they still being sold online ... ?
whats the point?
is this all a ploy of the buy local oldskool stores who still cant grasp the fact that the sixties are over ? or is it spazzi alone ?
whatever it is, its taking up WAY too much of my cycles, everything has since i got here i can barely get in a thought of myself, even after dark
16:57 ... woaw okpay replied within 20 minutes, someones awake there lol
they're a bit expensive and aimed at a target audience with more money than i currently have but the plan was never to be forcibly (manipulatibly) get stuck back here and sit broke for years but i REALLY CANT COMPLAIN there
office hours are nearing so i suppose until tomorrow but well ... getting the number back up is going to take at least ten days switching providers ... the last two weeks have done nothing but make me loathe belgium more , im always surprised at how there is no end to how much you can hate something (is THAT hatespeech Angela, cos they really did a number on me, your capital here)
if i get back in there thats at least one thing then ... now for the others , but without the hotmail i have zero proof of lookforjob over the last year either so the statejobshop could pounce at any time as they can in soviet belgium and i got nothing to show lol
because THEY felt the need to have my phone blocked .. go figure ... well yea and the lycans seem to have zero quality control on their distributors ... that too ... im still not going to generalise it to "foreigners" and "muslims" but this pakistani and that indian im seriously done with
too bad huh ... im fucking tired all the time again its like i get no sleep at all, the house is a mess (cos im fucking tired), nothing gets done and shit like this keeps me on a sharp, hostile edge and then people go like "aah dont worry, it will be ffiiiine" ... sure, and then the past ten years ? whos give me that back ?
this will be never be okay, this place is forever no-go, you cant possibly fix taking ten years of my life from me, not with six or seven zeroes, theres no monetary value to life's xp and worth missed, time does not come in dollar
you fucked me belgium
sorry huh ? i get that a lot but what does "that" get ME ? what do i get for your sorry ? how many zeroes ? does your sorry get me out of here with my cat to where i would have been by now for years ? does your sorry get me back the years you stole from me ?
well then stick it up yo mommas ass ... and i asked three times politely, i already explained, my credibility should make it clear that im CERTAINLY not going back there, sorry or not, save it for a sucker

the belgian spazzi needs you to re-register, help yourself, day five

So ... i wait on the phone for about an hour, get a cs rep ... i have to repeat myself ten times b/c the connection is HORRIBLE, i explain myself, i tell him i NEED this number, he says go to the store, i say i just told you they charge me money, "o not they'e not allowed to do that" ... "so help me out" , no the only way is to go to the store , "so give me a verified store" ... i dont have a list of that so what am i supposed to do ? go to the store ... well ive been there, they ALL charge me .. yes but its the only way .."so you're telling me to pay?" No, sir, you can report them at cs email. Yes but that doesnt get me my number back. No, sir, the only way is to go to the store. I see so which one do i got to? you want me to travel 30 km to maybe find someone who doesnt charge me ? No sir but its the only way . I see so can i transfer my number. No cant do that. So i cant go to another provider with the same number? Yes that you can do, so youre telling me to either pay, travel the country to find a store that doesnt charge me or swich providers? im sorry, sir

welcome to hellgium

i feel like molotovving some pakistanis and indians but that would make me a racist, right?
14:51 huh, im gonna get nothing done today, i slept four hours b/c van drukkerland houseghost shyte ... inbred bullshit, i spent an hour on the phone waiting 45 minutes to have some guy tell me for 15 minutes he cant even tell me WHERE they will help me, i feel like breaking shit, pakistani shit, indian shit, fat nazi slag shit, local inbreed shit, shit cars and faces, muslim ripoff tart face .. right now id break them all, pour some gas over it and set it on fire
is that hatespeech, Angela cos i dont discriminate, EVERYONE who fucking got in my way and ripped me off can get some right now
im broke, i cant order a new card so i cant transfer the number ... this place IS hell and im not getting friendlier
GREAT JOB AGAIN HELLGIUM, GREAT JOB, and you there, NEVER CALL ME FRIEND AGAIN OK ... ive been nothing but nice, tell your muslim bitch tart she cost you a customer
so now what ? back to belgian provider again? in how much ? TWO WEEKS ?
you seem surprised im a bit hostile ... REALLY? ... ah, funny you should say that ...


yes i could buy a card with that but i NEED THE FUCKING NUMBER TO GET INTO THAT
you REALLY SEEM SURPRISED IM A BIT HOSTILE ? everything will have to wait, cleaning dishes i dont give a shit ... if someone dies in front of my house right now I DONT GIVE A SHIT
FUCK YOU HELLGIUM, fuck you stasi boy, fuck you muslim bitch, fuck you nazi slag, FUCK YOU INBREED MOTHERFUCKER
heh, check this out : corporate website contact form:
looks like theres no canvas here
article title
CATched my eye
06/23/2017 12:20:53 am
its been years in the wanting, i wanna be a fulltime nomad, any other than who put me here should step up fast so i can fix you im four years late
article title
what WE've been reading
06/23/2017 12:20:53 am
ISIS exposed: beheadings, slavery, and the hellish reality of radical islam (after about 4 hours into it im not sure im gonna leave this on the list ... (no i dontjust put anything i read or heard here ... its okay and allright and lots of factual BUT ... to me personally, i get a book like this i need 100% objectivity ... whatever negligence obama had is not sticking to the facts, thats opinion, call to arms, thats opinion, BLAMING IT ON GANGSTER RAP AND VIOLENT VIDEOGAMES? thats the same lame excuse i hear conservatives make for a LONG time for failing to catch a generation, if you want opinion in a book like that, i feel it should be in an epilogue bit or something, hidden cries for revolt dont go down well with me (with me, in a book like this) but the actual research and facts make it well worth the read or listen ... but i got stuck on the 'violent videogames ruined the world' ... i personall have been playing videogames since i was i think eight ... i grew up in a house full of guns, daddy rightwing and the vmo-boys used to share the same hobbies ... talking a lot about it and trading hardware (yea, that kind) ... actually completely innocent since it was all talk but my point being i never shot anyone, i never even took a gun, no matter what anyone in this shithole did so your violent videogame theory doesnt work out there, you should go for a have-been-negligent and failed a generation theory .. the main point is stated at the start ... al shebab (or whats itspelled like) gives no purpose, IS does .. and that has been the main reason from the start why young people join, i live in a country that provides the number 2 most people for syria so i know a thing or two ...) yea the gangster rap made them do it and video games is a turnoff, the slashing at obama something for an epilogue called "my personal opinion" not that i wanna lay down the law, it just doesnt feel right TO ME like this, but when filtered down to just the research and the facts its more than worth it, DUDE (you dont like being called that i bet ... you're clearly conservative class american x)
mpfh ... mwell .. poverty is ofcourse ALWAYS a breeding ground for extremism, that has nothing to do with this specific jihadi army ... the sense of purpose however ... i think thats a determining factor ... theres nothing to look forward to, you see ... and you offer them ... what ? 9 to 5 low paid jobs ? lol
dunno, take the molenbeek brothers here for instance, the six guys with kalashnikovs ... they sure had no shortage of money, as far as i know the one dude had his own bar ... they used to be part of the brussels nightlife ... frequenting places that must DEFINITELY be decadent to the jihad like "fuse" (a nightclub where you will find all kinds of sexuality so to speak) ... these people didnt "turn" for lack of money but they DID, and HOW they did omg ...
mwell nuff said, the americans created it, i suggest they fix it before theres no option left but to turn Syria into one big gaping hole in the ground where no one survived since its too risky to let them :) (<- painted on smiley with dead eyes) you CAN NOT bomb a fanatic into submission ... never, you wouldnt have bombed your christian saints into submission they all died horribly , mostly at the hands of rulers, its what made them saints, its RIGHT THERE in your own scripture, thats how its done ... you CANT, they're already dead, they set out as dead men, theres nothing left to fear
i dont think you can talk them into submission either ... the metafor to the hordes of mordor (something i used a long time before i got my hands on this book) is not that far fetched, if nothing they're a sign of the times, a sociological reaction to an underlying disease (yea i know how i sound but im not propagating, im trying to stay clear in thought actually ... its a combination of evens but it definitely started in afghanistan during the russians conflict, WHO DARES DENY THAT? denying it is not a solution
and now you have your generation Z, with no future, the ones who have a future very likely wont start lopping off heads because of video games but the might feel theres nothing to life
i dont have the solution, you DID create the problem, dont blame it on generational music or video games, thats a lame excuse for not having been there and letting it slide
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